Skills Needs Assessment and Training Plan for the Agriculture and Fisheries Sector of Barbados


During the past 50 years, the overall contribution to GDP of agriculture and fisheries in Barbados has gradually decreased. Domestic production levels and trends show that agricultural production has been declining over the past decade.

Nevertheless, these productivity sectors remain an important growth sector for the island nation.

The government of Barbados decided to revamp the agriculture and fishery sector as a means to save foreign exchange and create employment. The European Union under the A Envelope of the 10th EDF and Sugar 2010 allocation agreed to assist with funding this project that would assess the training needs and develop an education and training plan for the sectors.

Overall, the project was intended contribute to the revitalization and further transformation of the agriculture and fisheries sector from a traditional agrarian sector to a more modern, efficient, technology, and knowledge-driven sector that would ensure an adequate level of food security for Barbados and optimum competitiveness through the production of high quality agricultural produce, increased innovation and stakeholder collaboration and enhanced value-added activity.